Fall is Upon Us

Last Sunday as I sat and enjoyed coffee on my porch with hubby, I notice the leaves gently falling and thought – OMG it’s that time of year already!

Today we slipped from Summer to Fall, however, it sure feels like Summer with a temperature of 86 in beautiful Charlotte, NC. As the seasons change it’s a good time to think about our homes. Maintenance of our homes is important in keeping it’s value – makes it easier to sell when you are ready to upsize, downsize or simply relocate.

Now is a good time to change out the filters, have the HVAC checked, clear the gutters and make sure all windows and doors are properly sealed.

In addition to that, pile on the pillows to beds, couches, chairs and benches, pull out a few more lamps, refresh the fireplace and throw on the throws and cozy up with a good book and hot chocolate, or tea, if you are a Brit like myself!

My first sign of fall last Sunday.

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